Slow Metabolism Quiz

Not Losing Weight? Maybe it's Your Metabolism?
Starting with a little information about your sex, age, and daily activities, then moving to your eating patterns, medical problems, and medical history, this quiz will help you "scan" your body for a slow metabolism.

This survey is not intended to diagnose or treat a medical problem, and is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician.

1. Are you biologically female?
2. Are you over the age of 40?
3. Are You menopausal?
(Menopause is definined as no menses for 1 year)
Daily Eating Patterns and Activity
4. Do you do less than 30 minutes of planned exercise 3 days a week?
(A sedentary lifestyle, or general lack of regular physical activity, slows metabolism.)
5. Do you skip breakfast or lunch more than 2 days a week?
(Skipping meals slows down your metabolism.)
6. Do you regularly eat dinner after 8:00 PM?
(Eating late in the evening MAY slow your metabolism.)
Daily Eating Patterns and Activity
7. Do you snack more than 200 calories within 2 hours of going to sleep?
(Snacking on large quantities of food, especially carbs, slows down your metabolism.)
8. Do you wake up in the middle of the night to eat twice a week or more?
(Eating in the middle of the might stop the normal hormone release that helps you metabolize the day's food.)
9. Do you have 2 drinks of alcohol on 4 or more days a week?
(Frequent alcohol consumption slows metabolism, causes weight gain, and reduces your ability to control food intake.)
Thyroid Function
10. Have you had unexplained weight gain and fatigue?
(This can be a sign of low thyroid function.)
11. Have you noticed your hair becoming coarse or that you are losing hair?
(This can also be a symptom of low thyroid function.)
12. Have you noticed a goiter or enlarged thyroid gland around your neck?
(This can also be a symptom of low thyroid function.)
Metabolic Function
13. Are you taking any medications known to interfere with your metabolism?
(Drugs for diabetes, hypertension, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, some cardiac medicines can slow your metabolism and cause weight gain.)
14. Do you have kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, adrenal disease, anemia, or heavy periods?
(These are some of the conditions that can interfere with you metabolism.)
Metabolic Function
15. Are you trying to diet and/or lose weight and are having no success?
16. Is your waistline measurement greater than 35 inches (females) or greater than 40 inches (males)?
(Fat accumulation around the belly is a definite sign of slow metabolism and can lead to other health problems.)
17. Do you become unusually tired when performing simple activities?
(Unusual fatigue is often the first sign of slow metabolism.)
18. Do you have sleep apnea?
(Sleep apnea slows your metabolism.)
19. If you don't know about sleep apnea or whether you have it, does your sleeping partner complain you snore a lot at night?
(Snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea.)
20. Do you feel like sleeping during the day?
(Daytime fatigue, especially after a full night's sleep, can be an early sign of sleep apnea.)
21. Have you seen a doctor for unexplained fatigue?

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