Water Heater Service FAQ

Yes, our technicians have years of experience and are licensed to work with gas water heaters.

Always. There is a one-year labor warranty, most water heaters have on average a six-year warranty and we are happy to honor those.

We can install tankless systems and would love to discuss your options with you!

Almost always. If you request a specific water heater that we must special order, we can install it the day we receive it. If your water heater is a standard size and type, service is typically same or next day.

In Texas, temperatures can soar during certain times of the year and attics are often not air conditioned. For the health and safety of our technicians we cannot install units in an attic after 11:00 AM. We hope you understand.

Unfortunately, we do not generally work on weekends. However, in some cases we can be flexible. Please be aware there may be an additional charge for weekend service. While we cannot always provide weekend service, we are happy to discuss the option!

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

If you’re having trouble with your water heater, we’ll be your hero!