Services for Landlords

Throughout the Greater Boston area there’s a buzz surrounding the real-estate market; over the last decade, the city has become one of the most desirable places to live in the country. A majority of those looking are potential renters, so this is a very exciting time for landlords as their properties are in high demand.

Lease Units Faster with Boston Pads

What’s the best way for a landlord to find reliable tenants and get the most exposure for their listing?

The answer is simple: Boston Pads, the area’s largest and most comprehensive real estate portal.

How does Boston Pads help landlords? It starts with scope: With a constantly shifting stock of over 166,000 listings for apartments from over 16,000 area landlords, this premier online platform is, in itself, a well-regarded resource for those looking to rent, buy or sell. Furthermore, all listings are syndicated to widest audience and the largest real estate platforms including social media, which increases visibility for the apartments and real estate listings. In addition, Boston Pads employs relevant real time data to provide an instant picture of prices in any neighborhood, thereby helping optimize rents and directing the way any property is marketed.

In this sense, the landlord that works with this service gets an innovative, technological approach to filling vacancies, which is essential in today’s shifting landscape. Landlords can also get exceptional sales assistance for either buying or selling multifamily investment properties because estimating values of these properties is easier when you have significant comparables.

Boston Leasing Experts

Experts found on this website can help you unlock the best decisions for your property based on your preferences. Perhaps renovating and renting the property before you sell is a better idea than selling it as, perhaps not? Why not get some expert advice based on real time rents and possibly future rents if you re-positioned your asset for maximum monies.

What’s more, landlords that list on this web portal can also call live support seven days a week from 9 am to 9 pm. This makes the process of taking units off the market, updating tenant information or communicating changes in desired rent price easy and quick; these are reflected in the Boston Pads database instantly, making the entire process, from start to finish, completely efficient. Every individual landlord—and therefore every individual listing—is treated with care and attention. This combination of human resources with relevant technologies makes it the area’s most effective real estate website; no other such service compares in terms of depth and scope of total real time listings.