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Ideal Fat in the Keto Diet: How Much Do You Need?

Ideal Fat Intake on the Keto Diet for Maximal Weight Loss Ideal fat intake on the keto diet is important for development of ketosis and fast weight loss. Fats are the most filling foods on the ketogenic diet. They help you feel [...]

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Shopping List for the Miami Diet Plan

Low Calorie/Low Carb Foods from Dr Lipman’s Shopping List If you need some more choices or some food guidance for the Miami Diet Plan, try this handy shopping list. "0"sugar Juices: Ice, Crystal Lite, Crystal Lite & Ocean Spray–on the-Go, [...]

Weight Loss on Low Carb Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

Weight loss for vegetarians and vegans is often difficult problem. Many vegetarians have difficulty losing weight because of the large amounts of carbs and limited amount of animal proteins they usually consume. With the recent introduction of many non-animal protein [...]

Physical & Psychological Benefits from Weight Loss

The Goal of the Miami Diet Plan is Healthy, Safe Weight Loss Physical & psychological benefits from weight loss are the primary goal of the Miami Diet Plan. Healthy weight loss is more about adapting a healthier lifestyle than it is [...]