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New Artificial Sweeteners: What Are Best For Weight Loss?

New artificial sweeteners share none of the problems identified in some of the older varieties. When searching for sweeteners, look for the natural ones like Stevia and Truvia. The best artificial sweeteners are those sold in liquid form. They don't [...]

Ideal Fat in the Keto Diet: How Much Do You Need?

Ideal Fat Intake on the Keto Diet for Maximal Weight Loss Ideal fat intake on the keto diet is important for development of ketosis and fast weight loss. Fats are the most filling foods on the ketogenic diet. They help you feel [...]

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How Much Protein is Needed for Fast Weight Loss in a High Protein Diet?

High Protein Diet - Healthy, Faster, and Safer Weight Loss A high protein diet with low carbs beats a low fat diet. This is due to faster and easier weight loss because of protein's effect on hunger and metabolism. Protein helps [...]

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Shopping List for the Miami Diet Plan

Low Calorie/Low Carb Foods from Dr Lipman’s Shopping List If you need some more choices or some food guidance for the Miami Diet Plan, try this handy shopping list. "0"sugar Juices: Ice, Crystal Lite, Crystal Lite & Ocean Spray–on the-Go, [...]

Weekend Cheat Days and Make Up Mondays

Reduce Weight Gain From Weekend “Cheat Days” with Make-Up Mondays Weekend cheat days (or cheat meals anytime) are disruptive for people trying to lose or even just maintain their weight. High calorie, high carb meals at restaurants or friends’ homes, [...]

Low Carb-Low Calorie Alternatives to Rice, Pasta, Potatoes: Zucchini Noodles & Cauliflower Rice

How Carbs Such as Rice, Pasta and Potatoes Cause Weight Gain and Hunger Many struggling to lose weight eat rice, pasta and potatoes daily. I call these the "major carbs" as opposed to bread, fruits, cookies, and chips which I call [...]

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