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How Much Protein is Needed for Fast Weight Loss in a High Protein Diet?

High Protein Diet - Healthy, Faster, and Safer Weight Loss A high protein diet with low carbs beats a low fat diet. This is due to faster and easier weight loss because of protein's effect on hunger and metabolism. Protein helps [...]

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Physical Activity: What’s Healthy?

Recommended Physical Activity for Health and Weight Loss The importance of exercise in any weight loss program has been discussed for more than 30 years. The National Institutes of Health(1) 2008 Guidelines recommends 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise a [...]

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Olive Oil, Nuts, Seeds, and Salad Dressings Can Make You Fat

Olive Oil, Nuts, Seeds, and Salad Dressings: High Calorie with Difficult Portion Control The Mediterranean region has gathered an immense appeal among Americans. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, beans, nuts, and last but not least, the ultimate Mediterranean food–the almighty extra [...]

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